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We pay 15% Commission on all referred customers. 

You receive your own unique link to ensure payment on all referred customers

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If you are a stylist, you can make money by referring your customers to us

We pay on 7th and 21st of each month

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Whether you are interested in a little part-time second source of income or you are interested in making it a full time profitable business we are the company to best service your needs. Why buy overseas and spend thousands of your hard earned cash and you don't know what quality to expect, you’re not able to speak with anyone and you have no guarantees. Why take those risks when our company provides even better prices than most factories overseas, we guarantee all our hair, because before it gets to you it goes through our quality control screening, to make sure all bundles are free from any imperfections. And if you have a question about your order we are a simple phone call away. Or you can visit us at one of our locations.

Our Company has spent a lot of time and money partnering with the best quality factories around the world to provide you with the best grade Virgin Hair, and Closures at the best prices alongside unparalleled customer service.